Yawen Zheng

Artist Statement

With my background in art and science, as an observer and a visual creator, I have a strong perception of beauty in daily life. I take apart ideas from enthralling phenomena that I observed in daily life. Then, I remake mundane scenes and perform for the camera in the studio. Thus, my work includes installation, performance art and photography. The idea that using photography as a medium to condense and materialize the invisible realm of artists’ thoughts attracts me. As an artist,  I get inspirations from nature to explore the relationship between nature and human beings, and express environmental concerns and animal rights. Living in the alluring earth, I believe that we have responsibility to find a sustainable way to take care of this planet. I hope that my work can help others be more respectful of non-human species and nature.


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Yawen Zheng

Yawen Zheng is a well traveled photographer and sculpture who uses her background in biochemistry to create unique and thought provoking photographs.