Artists of New Haven

In this interview series we speak with local artists about their art, gain insights about their process and discover what inspires their work.

Jenny Krauss is a lifelong painter who's been working with families in Latin America as a part of her textile wholesale business.

Yawen Zheng is a well traveled photographer and sculpture who uses her background in biochemistry to create unique and thought provoking photographs.

Nate Lerner would often travel to make photographs that engage viewers’ capacity for meaning-making. He has spent the pandemic in the New Haven area bringing renewed attention to the neighborhoods in which he resides.

Emily Larned is a socially engaged art publicist, co-founder of Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts, self-publisher of Alder & Frankia and is one of the featured artists of the Who Governs? exhibit.

Lee Massaro is a City-Wide Open Studios artist whose primary medium is oil paint. They like to paint portraits and put a lot of focus on color.

Eric March is a City-Wide Open Studios artist whose work and studio is in New Haven.