William Meddick

Private Studio
337 Summit Street, New Haven, 06513
Painting is a part of my life, just as going to work and trying to figure out how to budget my finances so as to continue my profession. My artwork is meant for a general audience. The paintings are representational snap shots of my everyday life, much like a visual diary. The works are predominately created from direct observation. However, lately, I have introduced some works that involve television commercials and media. At first, I was concerned about the purity of my subject matter but realized how life has become so media oriented that I would start to embrace it. The lack of access to painting people from life also spurred my involvement with social media. Influences for me are artists such as Fairfield Porter for his everyday subject matter and application of paint. Cezanne for his observational skills and for his application of paint as well, and Van Gogh for his passion. My works are in oils, rich in color and painted with brushes. With each painting, my goal is to recreate the scene as close as to what I see. Typically, the subject matter is of everyday imagery, but because of a prolonged painting examination of it, the object takes on its own significance. As much attention is included on the space around the subject to give its’ placement within the format.
  • Website: meddickart.net