Oi Fortin

Erector Square
Building 8, Studio C
Oi Fortin is a multimedia artist with a primary focus in Monotype Printmaking. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand and now lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Her current work is inspired in part by Henri Matisse’s Cut-Outs. She cut-out shapes in newsprint and modified the pressure of the printing press to transfer the inked cut-outs onto printmaking paper. Her prints are made in layers; each layer has to dry before another can be added. A finished piece can have 8-10 layers, taking up to 6 weeks to finish. This series expresses both meditative calm and exuberant, joyful energy.
  • Instagram: @oifortin
  • Twitter: @oifortin
  • Website: www.oifortin.com