Leonardo Rebolledo

Leo Rebolledo

Erector Square, 315 Peck St # C12
Leo Rebolledo is an architect by profession, designer and self-taught painter born in the suburbs of the city of Santiago, Chile in 1980. At a very early age he became attracted to painting. Due to a lack of culture and art in his surroundings as a child he would collect notecards of paintings from the great masters of art history and then reproduce them as faithfully as possible. Thus, from a very young age and always in a self-taught manner, he began acquiring knowledge and experimenting with a large number of different media and techniques. Leo tried to perfect them over time, even developing unconventional drawing techniques that have led him to work with waste materials, recycling or simple everyday objects. This curiosity to understand the materials caused him to develop and deepen the technique of oil pastel, a technique he defines as a favorite by combining two of the things he loves into the same act: drawing and painting. Leo's decision to study architecture brought him closer to art at a higher level and once he completed his studies he continued to cultivate his interest in painting, his great childhood passion. His professional training awakened him an enormous fascination with light, form and space, elements that are implicit in his pictorial work and are treated not as a consequence but as the genesis of his compositions. As an admirer of the golden century of Dutch painting of the seventeenth century, his influence by Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt is evident to this day, in addition to admiring other recent artists such as painter Alyssa Monks or photographer Julie Blackmon. His most recent production takes up certain forms of classical painting and transforms them into domestic scenes of contemporary life, endowed with a psychological and enigmatic expressiveness. Throughout his career Leo has also stood out in the field of design, illustration and literature, Winning important competitions such as "Santiago in 100 Words", an international urban writing competition. As co-founder of "QUIU Diseño Colaborativa", a renowned architecture and design firm, he has authored important works such as the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Punta Arenas, Chile and the recent Astronomical Plaza of the MIM Interactive Museum in Santiago. With a strong social motivation, he has developed teaching projects in schools for preschoolers such as the "Transform Workshop", promoting the development of creativity through arts and designs well as conducting postgraduate classes in art therapy to psychologists and therapists. Leo has recently established himself in the city of New Haven, Connecticut where he intends to continue developing his art, which has until recently remained a hobby.
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