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Meet the Artspace Team: Rachael McNerney

This month, we meet Executive Assistant Rachael McNerney, the newest member of the Artspace team.

You have had the opportunity to travel abroad. What are some of the favorite places you’ve visited and why? 

Turkey for its energy, and intricate colorful handicrafts. India for its inviting spirit and ability to bombard the senses. I enjoy any place with waterfalls and kind people that introduce you to something unusual everyday. Australia for its beaches and active atmosphere. Any island for its fresh fruit. Europe for the cobblestone streets and marvelous architecture. Kauai for the environment and untouched nature.

You have brought together ballroom dancing and Habitat for Humanity, a very unlikely pair. How do those two connect, and what impact are you having? What attracted you to ballroom dancing? What led you to become involved with Ballroom Dancing?
Raise the Roof, the Shoreline Habitat for Humanity connection had its second annual “Gala of Stars: Dancing for the Cause ” event last weekend. Shoreline Stars, people involved in work benefiting the community, were invited to participate in a dancing competition and raise funds to build a house in New Haven. This year we danced the Waltz along side others couples who trained in the Rumba, Salsa, and Foxtrot (to name a few). Our group raised over $55,000 through sponsorships, private donations and ticket sales. My background singing and dancing competitively drew me to the opportunity.

What attracted you to the opportunity to join the team at Artspace?                                           

Artspace is unique in that it offers events and activities that involve the community. This improves the quality for life for citizens in the area who participate in the offerings. The social entrepreneurship aspect of the organization and the opportunity to explore creative potential are most exciting.

What has been most surprising to you or different from what you expected to find at Artspace?
The amount of equipment that is necessary to put on the exhibitions and events. As well as the individuality of each work of art.

What would you like a visitor to Artspace to know about you or the organization when they walk in to the gallery?

There is more to Artspace than “a day at the gallery”. Artspace gives those involved a voice and truly empowers the city by offering programs assisting people who are looking to develop their creativity.

You have a night off and friends in from out of town? What’s your go to place to show off the area?

Any beach!  Hammonasset Beach State Park, East Wharf, or Watch Hill…

What are some of the things you are working on at Artspace?
Right now we are preparing for the Speed Networking Live event that pairs City-Wide Open Studios artists with experts in the field for constructive criticism to develop their talents. Today I will be organizing information, maintaining our database, communicating with curators, artists and donors, processing invoices, banking and keeping up with office management tasks.