Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Beyond Walden/Thin Places

My work responds to the volatile state of the natural world. Incorporating found imagery, layered

space and synthetic materials, my collages explore the repercussions of commerce and technology

on the environment. I combine the stillness of found and appropriated photography with the

spontaneity of paint and accident. I choose to adopt a spiritual stance to evoke emotional and intuitive

perspectives. Through the act of construction and deconstruction, I rely on chance and

process to minimize the maker’s hand.

I initially worked with pages from “Walden” where man and cabin were present and contained

within nature. This current work addresses the progress made since Thoreau wrote “Walden”

172 years ago. These collages explore the ongoing assault on the natural world. The Thin Place

collages are spacial explorations which record the accidents that inexplicably form cohesive images

of an evolving world.