Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

My work is influenced by Post Minimalism and Neo-Geo and focuses on the geometry of circles, rectangles, squares and stripes as conceptual structure to a series of individual ideas. Layering forms relationships, and mark-making can detail patterns that are experiential in life.

Combining ephemeral materials such as dirt, dust, seeds, plants and hair with more concrete materials such as photos, wax paper and thread, the work allows for pentimento and the superimposing of serendipitous mark-making reflective of what culturally surrounds us.

Incorporating these facets into structural formations such as topographical maps, the visual field of sight, perception, veneers and ocular diseases, this work takes on social relevance.

My newest series concentrates on minuscule details in the electron-microscopic and cellular studies of the invertebrate eye influenced by Kandinsky’s series “Several Circles.” This new work is most personal as it is a commentary on visual detererioration, which to an artist, becomes a life concern.