Main Gallery


Curator: Ted Efremoff

June 6—July 6, 2012


EmceeCM, Ariana Jacob, James Holland, Rebecca Parker, James Sham

The thin membrane of glass that exposes the interior of Artspace functions like a fishbowl that attracts the attention of passersby to what is inside the space. The Insite/Out project asks six artists to live at Artspace for two weeks and direct their attention outside of the gallery space and into the Ninth Square district; specifically towards the groups of individuals who work or congregate in the areas surrounding the gallery. This artificially created community of artists will be invited to interact with the existing communities and networks of the district and create a dialogue with them. Each artist will be given a gallery of Artspace New Haven as a live-work space that will be used at the artists’ discretion to exhibit project materials, stage community gatherings, or create performances. The five artists, EmceeCMAriana JacobJames HollandRebecca Parker, and James Sham have been selected for their interests in relational art. The project examines not only how artists change communities, but also how communities influence and advance art making.