Main Gallery

Flock: City-Wide Open Studios Guest Juried Exhibition

Curator: Patricia Hickson, Kristina Newman-Scott

July 29—September 4, 2010


Elizabeth Antle, James Ayers, John Bent, Vito Bonnano Jr. Anna Broell Bresnick, Daniel Buttrey, Jaclyn Conley, Phyllis Crowley, Matthew Garrett, Debbie Hesse, Barbara Hocker, Keith Johnson, Kristina Kuester-Witt, Laura Marsh, Meredith Miller, Maria Morabito, Jordan Nodelman, Jacob Pongratz, Ronnie Rysz, Joseph Saccio, Gerald Saladyga, Jean Scott, Suzan Shutan, Rita Vallery, Jonathan Waters, Jemma Williams, Mark Williams.

Curated by Patricia Hickson, the Emily Hall Tremaine Curator of Contemporary Art at the Wadsworth Antheneum, and Kristina Newman-Scott, Director of Visual Arts at   Real Art Ways, Flock features work from 27 regional artists participating in Artspace’s 13th Annual City-Wide Open Studios. FLOCK is the first collaborative exhibition by the two Hartford-based curators, and it combines the singular visions of these distinctive individuals.

The 27 artists selected for FLOCK present works created in a variety of media, ranging from photography and painting, sculpture and site-specific installations, to clothing and craft. The diversity in these objects is echoed by the concerns that the works address, including themes such as consumption, gender politics, environmental decay, alienation, and notions of high and low art. While the works in FLOCK speak to the issues and conflicts embedded in contemporary culture, the objects also acknowledge art historical movements such as Minimalism, Process Art, Pop and Conceptual Art, among others. FLOCK reveals the myriad of approaches that artists use to respond to the world around them and how individual voices coalesce to form a vibrant community.