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Plankton may not have human-like emotions, but we can have feelings for them. For her solo show in the Project Room, artist/educator Cynthia Beth Rubin debuts a body of digital mixed media works exploring oceanic plankton as endearing living organisms. Melding gesture drawing with micro-photography, Rubin imbues laboratory imagery with an energy usually reserved for depictions of humans. As a prelude to the exhibition, Rubin is offering public plankton drawing workshops, then incorporating works from the workshops into the installed exhibition through Augmented Reality.  In the age of Climate Change, humans developing feelings for plankton paves the way for appreciation of the crucial role of plankton in oceanic ecosystems.


About the artist

Cynthia Beth Rubin is a new media artist whose works evoke imagined narratives through interwoven layers of representation and abstraction, frequently combined with Augmented Reality and interactive experience. Based in New Haven, CT, her studio practice extends from New York City to Narragansett, Rhode Island and beyond. She is an early adaptor of digital imaging, transitioning from paint in the 1980s.  Her prints, videos, and interactive works have been shown on the ICC tower façade in Hong Kong, the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Cotton Club screen in Harlem, the ICA in London, the Jerusalem Biennale, and numerous international festivals featuring digital art.  Her work is included in Art in the Digital Age by Bruce Wands, The Computer in the Visual Arts by Anne Morgan Spalter, Arts en Réseau by INA, and other notable publications.