Main Gallery


Curators: Liza Statton, Melanie Carr, and Christopher Joy

October 2—December 13, 2008


Gulgun Aliriza, Amy Arledge, Bill Barnett, Ben Blanc, Andrea Bonfils, Justin Brander, Alice Chittenden, Lucienne Coifman, Sara Conklin, Susan D’Angelo, Leila Daw, Eileen Eder, Freddi Elton, Robert Greenberg, Stephen Grossman, Cham Hendon, Barbara Marks, Meredith Miller, Jason O’Rear, Yasuo Ohdera, Gerald Saladyga, Deirdre Schiffer, Judy Atlas, Megan Craig, Robert Gregson, Ginger Hanrahan, Daniel Huff, Martha Lewis, Pamela Neri, Jacob Pongratz, Joy Wulke, James Ayers, Emily Cappa, Josh Gaetjen, Nathan Lewis, Francesca Martin, Kim Mikenis, T. Whitney Prentice, Jennifer Reynolds, Corina S. Alvarez delugo, Stephen Auslender, Silas Finch, Maggie Gagliardi, Kristina Kuester-Witt, Matthew Stevens, Eileen Carey, Susan Carson, George Manning, Tim Nikiforuk, Kathryn Proulx, Ronnie Rysz, Erin Andersen, Ethan Boisvert, Margaret Roleke, Regina Thomas, Jeff Becker, Liz Pagano, Lisa Shoglow, Thomas Stavovy, and David Taylor

A special exhibition of the 2008 City-Wide Open Studios, highlighting exemplary contemporary artists in CT in Galleries 1–7.

An exhibition of works by more than sixty of Connecticut’s most interesting and innovative visual artists, CONNcentric is a juried show presented at Artspace in conjunction with the 11th annual City-Wide Open Studios Festival. Artspace is committed to fostering the talents of emerging and established Connecticut– and regionally-based artists. Recognizing the vital roles that artists and curators play in the development of an artist’s practice through their commitment, encouragement, and critical feedback, Artspace asked three jurors—two visual artists and one curator—to organize an exhibition based on the submissions of over 100 artists participating in City-Wide Open Studios. The works displayed in the Artspace galleries are both a reflection of the jury’s selection process as well as an indicator of the divergent perspectives, styles, means, and subjects that Connecticut artists are exploring today.