Main Gallery

Betwixt & Between

Curated by Liza Statton

November 11, 2010—January 22, 2011

Betwixt & Between is a group exhibition of contemporary short videos that inject the ordinary domestic landscape with existential content and psychological slippages. Informed by the visual and conceptual strategies of the Surrealists, and echoing their simple, direct methods for constructing dream-like experiences, the artists in Betwixt & Between create works that reveal the authority, alienation, and desire embedded in everyday objects and occurrences.

The artists assembled in the exhibition vary in style and practice, but their works reveal a common aspiration to bring new awareness to the body and consciousness by questioning the moral ambiguity of the ordinary. Participating artists include Terry Fox , Nadia HironakaAlex HubbardTakeshi MurataJeff OstergrenDelphine ReistHiraki SawaCarrie Schneider, and Tom Thayer.   

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