“ The entire Artspace staff is a wonderful, rigorous group– passionate people striving for challenges, critique and meaning. Their feedback, from concept to technique to context, was useful and wholly meant. It is rare to find such authenticity. …A key resource for working artists both inside and outside the New Haven region.”Alison Hornak, 2014 commissioned Artist

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“I cannot speak highly enough about the benefits of this program! It is a wonderful way to involve students in the arts; it is a great “practice job” for students; it provides a great opportunity and career boost for artists interested in getting involved in public work; it provides meaningful internships for college students who hope to work in the arts (my interns were wholly responsible for the entire education program that accompanied our artwork); and it is a great way to keep New Haven vital and filled with creative work. The fact that projects are accomplished in a mere three weeks and with a minimal budget is a testament to the energy and enthusiasm of all involved (and especially to the fertile & supportive environment fostered by Artspace.) And the SAP project is typical of what Artspace does best: creating partnerships between artists and community members for the benefit of all involved.”Cat Balco, Lead Artist, Summer Apprenticeship Program

“New Haven is remarkably rich in museums for a city of its size and marbled composition, but even the most adventurous of institutions with a mandate to preserve history has a limited capacity to promptly identify, exhibit and make curatorial sense of artistic current events and creative breaking news, in short history-in-the-making.  That task naturally falls to alternative spaces capable of moving fast, thriving on local support, and thinking out-side of the box – and sometimes outside the White Cube. Artspace is this city’s oldest and yet still most agile example of such a venue, a place where anyone and everyone from school children to the men and women who work downtown, to students at the various colleges and universities in the area, to those of every description who are for any reason intrigued, challenged or moved by art is welcome to see for themselves that things that are being made in their midst.  Happy birthday from a neighbor of the continuously improvising start-up down the block that is 30 years young and still generating surprises. ” Robert Storr, Dean, Yale School of Art

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