From art into action

Be creative and fit yourselves into this context: No collective is too small or too new.

Artspace is offering a collective of individuals space, time, and artist development opportunities for a project to result in a pop-up exhibition..

When an artist has no time, urgency rises to the foreground. What does time mean in the space of the artist residency? Typically, we are used to taking time-off to consolidate and process what we hear, see, and go through to produce art through a single individual channel: the self. Radically, artists will convene and process the moment together as a collective in society, not retreating, but instead engaging in the civic discourse that provides movement and lasting change.

In this residency, Artspace New Haven will provide space for the collective to work; however, time is of the essence. We invite a collective who is working urgently, to produce social discourse and civic engagement and imagine a pop-up exhibition to gain visibility through Artspace New Haven. Collectives can be made up entirely of artists or diverse cohorts of cultural workers and artists together to envision the future of art as action. Collectives do not need to be established to be accepted. Successful collectives will have an exhibition proposal in mind with culturally-urgent focus OR that works to establish the collective further into a public-facing practice. Collective candidates should be prepared to co-create a model for organizing in collaboration with Artspace New Haven staff and envision how this model will be accessed or disseminated in the future.

Key Takes from Artspace

Publication written in collaboration with Artspace New Haven staff in the form of a zine related to organizing and spotlighting your project

Allocated thinkspace for collective decision-making and goals, and ethical  development

Pop-up Exhibition and public engagement

Possible Residency Outline

Day 1: THINKTANK—What are we trying to do?

Day 2: ORGANIZING—What and who do we need to make it happen? Design zine based on DAY 1.

Day 3: ORGANIZING—Getting Key Players in Place, Artwork organized, Programs in place

Day 4-7: ASSEMBLING—Set -up/install, Exhibition and Programming, Deinstall