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The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Kwadwo Adae

The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here is a writing project by author/artist Jacquelyn Gleisner, who will interview a range of artists from different backgrounds and ages to present a nuanced picture of how artists change over the span of their careers. This project is one of our Older but Younger Special Commissions.

“Inside the Adae Fine Art Academy, a small pastel drawing of a brown mouse hangs on the wall. This piece was the first work of art completed by Kwadwo Adae, the founder of the aforementioned school. “It’s always been in the studio as a reminder of how far I’ve come and where I’ve been,” said Adae. ” Continue Reading on Connecticut Art Review

Artspace will print excerpts from these interviews in a section of the printed City-Wide Open Studios guide, and the full interviews will be available on Gleisner’s online art blog, Connecticut Art Review.