2021 Student Apprenticeship Program

 with the Rap Research Lab

New Haven teens worked with lead artists David Goldberg and Tahir Hemphill of the Rap Research Lab to develop tools to empower them in discussions of how technology is used at the intersection of popular culture and the criminal justice system. Participants considered 21st-century intersections of race and technology, artificial intelligence (AI), community data projects, and were provided hands-on experience exploring culturally relevant Big Data. The students designed their own VR experiences, introducing New Haven residents to this cultural and technical landscape.
Mapper's Delight class

Hiphop was used a framework for daily activity.

Students brainstorming ideas.

Data searches of favorite song lyrics.

Participants received iPads to render drawings and capture images.

Just another day in the rap studio.

A virtual space to proportion data of likes and interests.

Each student produced a graffiti tag.

David M. A. Goldberg viewing the students’ VR assignments for the first time.