Each summer Artspace is faced with the task of finding one artist and a group of high school students to work together in the spirit of collaboration. In justthree short weeks this group gets to know each other, learns new art-making skills, and completes an intricate installation in the Artspace galleries. The goal of the project is to provide new experiences for both the students and the artist and to create a work that becomes a proud part of the legacy of all those involved. It may sound daunting, but each year, without fail, Artspace, one artist and a group of students pull off this Herculean task. This year, Artspace is pleased to announce that New Haven-based artist Cat Balco will be serving as intrepid artist-in-residence. Beginning in July, Balco and her 10 student apprentices will create two site-specific installations that use painting’s vernacular of color and form to explore the relationships between public and private space and individual and collective visions. Working in collaboration with the Summer Apprentices, Cat will design and install a series of colorful banners on the exterior wall of a building that encloses The Lot–a small municipal pocket park and transit stop in downtown New Haven. Spanning the height of the 40’ building, these vibrant stripes will transform The Lot, an otherwise dormant space into a vibrant, creative outpost for residents and visitors to downtown New Haven. This is Cat’s first public art installation—and the second SAP project installed in the Lot—which will also be accompanied by a collaborative wall drawing at the Artspace gallery.

Participating Artists

Margaret Dobroth
Summer Eckart
Alexandra Larson
Ariel Maiorano
Sean O'Brien
Riana Rodgers
Melissa Schmidt
Milcaly Rodriguez
Maxx Spinelli
Kadija Tyrell
Leandre Henry