Everywhere and Here

Major cities in the U.S. are filled with communities whose homes or workplaces are rooted in vibrant cultures from other parts of the world and New Haven is no different. Many folx, who once called another country home, hold fast to their birthplace through cherished objects and time-honored creations. Embedded in the DNA of the Elm City are examples of materials and objects that offer a greater understanding of our historical connections to people and places around the world. This is its soul, nurtured in many different ways throughout the city. This is Everywhere and Here.

Presented by The Narrative Project and Artspace New Haven.

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Episode One – The Everywhere and Here Story

In the first episode of Everywhere and Here, Narrator The Real Frii opens our series with an in-depth look at the city of New Haven, Connecticut from some of its most connected individuals. We take a dive into the people that bring the city together and what it means to be a New Havener from a cultural standpoint and figuring out exactly what that visual culture of the city is.


Episode 2 – New Haven Mosaic

In the second episode of Everywhere and Here, Narrator The Real Frii discusses the culture of the city, highlighting several of the city’s most elegant and inspiring communities. Discussing the impact and importance of the communities to the overall life of the city. How those communities and the cultures that flow through them.


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Everywhere and Here

September 17—November 20, 2021