Love Notes

Love Notes 2021

Join us as we celebrate visual artists and the cultural community of New Haven!

Love Notes will take place April 30 — May 2, 2021 and is open to all – in person and online.

Conversations with friends, family, and colleagues about the challenges over the last year have also reminded us of the things that we cherish. It occurred to us that every year we could create space for the joy in our lives and, as artists, consider what is important about sharing visual art. LOVE NOTES is Artspace New Haven’s new, annual community based fundraising event, providing critical support for our future exhibitions and programs.

How it Works

Artists from around the world were invited to create their own LOVE NOTE, a 5 x 8″ work of art, identifiable only by a number. No artist’s names are visible until after purchase! Each LOVE NOTE is available for $95. Can you recognize your favorite artist? Maybe you will discover a new one! You can visit the gallery to see the LOVE NOTES or view online. All artworks will be available for sale to the general public on our website between April 30 and May 2.

Participating artists include:

Stephanie Anestis
Denise Appel
Vincent Baldassano
Anita Gangi Balkun
Lori Barker
Janice Barnish
Marion Belanger
Elizabeth Berry
Kraig Binkowski
Shannon Blencowe
Michelle Bold
David Borawski
Nicole Bricker
Robert Brush
Antonius Bui
Trine Bumiller
Eoin Burke
Colin Burke
Marc Burns
Joy Bush
Eileen Carey
Juan William Chávez
Tracie Cheng
Isabel Chenoweth
David Chorney
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
Colleen Coleman
Claudia Cron
Ann Burke Daly
Jennifer Davies
Kathleen DeMeo
Geoffrey Detrani
Johannes DeYoung
Mary Dwyer
Matt Fantastic
Hugo Fernandez
Joan Fitzsimmons
Matthew Flegle
Katherine Fountain
Rebekah Fraser
Irwin Freeman
Jeffrey Gangwisch
Tyreece Gary
Heather Gendron
Leslie Giuliani
Melissa Gold Fournier
Dan Gries
Michela Griffo
Stephen Grossman
Elena Grossman
Grace Hager
Ann Hamilton
Barbara Hawes
Clymenza Hawkins
Barbara Hocker
Lisa W. Hunihan
Insook Hwang
Aude Jomini
Lisa Kereszi
Pat Killoy
Esthea Kim
Jenny Krauss
Sheldon Krevit
Emily Larned
Hannah Leckman
Nate Lerner
Laura Letinsky
Martha Lewis
Linda Lindroth
Robert Lisak
Rebecca Looney
Karleen Loughran
Beth Lovell
Jane Lubin
Anna Luther
Tanya Marcuse
Barbara Marks
Anatar Marmol-Gagné
Uela May
Susan McCaslin
Lady McCrady
Rachael McNerney
Fethi Meghelli
Racquel Miller
Donald Moffett
Maria Morabito
Michael Morand
Noel Müse
Tuan Andrew Nguyễn
Margot Nimiroski
Beatriz Olson
Jeff Ostergren
David Ottenstein
Lori Petchers
Connie Pfeiffer
Michael Quirk
Keith Rancourt
Shilo Ratner
Zohra Rawling
Valerie Richardson
Margaret Roleke
Linda Serrone Rolon
Chemi Rosado-Seijo
Cynthia Beth Rubin
Elizabeth Saylor
Suzan Scott
Maggie Seinfeld
Robin Sherin
Suzan Shutan
Leslie Singer
Tuesday Smillie
Erin Koch Smith
Jessica Smolinski
Joseph Smolinski
Christina Spiesel
Marcela Staudenmaier
Kris Strontzer
Kimberly Summers
Lizzie Sweetie
Robert Taplin
Teigist Taye
Becca Thibodeau
Jason Ting
Chris Vargas
Jessica Vaughn
Emanuel Vazquez
Lydia Viscardi
Maya Vulinovic
Brian Walters II
Barbara Weissberger
Dani ReStack Anita Wetzel
Karen Wheeler
Breanna Wigdzinski
Bernard Williams
MK Wynn
Marina Xu