Love Notes / 2022

Contribute a Love Note

Love Notes is an annual fundraiser and community event that invites artists to create one-of-a-kind works of art to be sold for the benefit of Artspace. We are so grateful to everyone who joined us last year to create and purchase artworks, and are excited to invite you to join us again for Love Notes 2022.

This year, Love Notes will take place April 21–23, 2022, with a VIP reception (online and in-person) on Thursday, April 21. We will install every submission we receive in our galleries salon-style, covering as much of our wall space as possible. Last year, we covered one wall from top to bottom. This year, our goal is to fill two entire walls with artwork.

LOVE NOTES DUE: Saturday, April 16 at 5 pm EST
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  • Artists can either use their own materials to create a Love Note, or request materials from Artspace. We provide 5 x 7″ Canson Mixed Media Paper (98lb, acid-free, fine texture, heavy sizing for both wet and dry media).



Love Notes is an opportunity for you to show people what you care about most in the world, your artwork as a tribute to one of the things that you hold most dear. It will be different for all of us; a person, a place, or a favorite item. We imagine the result will be a gallery installation at Artspace that will help our community remember what they treasure most. We just have a few guidelines for your donation:

Artwork: Your Love Note can be any 2D or 3D medium, but cannot exceed 5 x 7 x 3″ in size

Display: All artworks will be displayed in two locations: on the walls at Artspace and in our online Loves Notes shop. Each Love Note will include a title and medium, but the name of the artist will only be revealed after the artwork is purchased. The mystery is part of the fun! Please do not sign your Love Note.

Pricing: Every Love Note will be priced at $95 each

Documentation: Artwork will be documented in order to show details as clearly as possible in the online shop. Additional notes are added in the artwork description, such as unusual dimensions, shapes, or materials when needed.

Sales: Items will be available for purchase online and in-person at Artspace. Artworks sold in-person will disappear from the virtual “wall” after they are purchased, and artworks sold online will be removed from the gallery walls. All sales are final.

Mailing: Purchased artworks will be mailed by Artspace to the buyer after the sale, using the shipping address provided during check out. All artworks will be shipped Priority Mail and the cost of shipping will automatically be added to each order.

Submission Deadline: Saturday, April 16 at 5 pm

Notification: You will be notified as to the status of their work, including the buyer’s contact information, by May 31st. We encourage you to contact the buyer and stay in touch!

That’s all! If you have any questions, please email Have fun, and thank you again for your support.