Yura Adams

Artist Statement

My work is abstract, full of color and expresses a vivid experience of energy. In the studio, I build on ideas from science and create an imagined explanation of “what happens”. My interpretations are elaborate inventions, based on what I am currently mining, and my work makes a poetic commentary on what is IRL, but not seen. Reference to scale in the imagery can toggle between (much) larger-than-human to an unpredictable, microscopic zoom.I have submitted selections from two concurrent bodies of work. The drawings combine line,painting and inkjet prints as evolved from my interest in the inner workings of the earth in geologic time. Tyvek as a substrate expresses the vulnerability of the moment and hangs like fragile remnants of the future; pale in palette and light in materials. The Recombinant prints are constructed from my paintings and photographs; I maintain an encyclopedia of them on my computer and love to repurpose elements of my work. Recombined, they create a united, digital universe.


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