Barbara Weissberger

Artist Statement

My photographs and related photo-objects contain both familiar things and things that are visually confounding. As much as I am interested in illusion and the anxieties that arise from parsing the ambiguous picture, the images are made in a very straightforward way. This raises questions about trust. The common materials and objects that populate the images are plain to see,even whentransformed through lights, mirrors, and lens work.These materials may include anything: cardboard, tape, cut-pieced-and-sewn photo print fabric (printed fromphotos I make), my own hand or foot, sculptures (that I make). I thrive when improvising.As I workI think about bodies-fleshy, frail, resilient, desirous, desiring, mortal,social, political, animal, perceiving. At the center is the studio: idiosyncratic sanctuary, site of invention, interiority, and heightened senses.


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