The Hill Museum

210 west street, New Haven, Ct, 06519
In 2005 Krikko Obbott purchased an historical HULLS BREWERY Garage House from the City Of New Haven and transformed it into a Museum of Pencil Arts,( All influences on display) that accommodates his mammoth pencil drawings, among them, the 20 x 15 feet original drawing of New York City-“THE SUPER BIG APPLE “ Described by The New York Times as “MORE THAN A MAP”, and The Hartford Courant as “ WHERE ARCHITECTURE INTERSECTS WITH FINE ARTS” The Super Big Apple was first unveiled at The Skyscraper Museum on 44 Wall Street in lower Manhattan in 1998. then at The ew Haven City Hall along with the 20 x 10 feet pencil drawing of New Haven, Ct. , by then Mayor John DeStefano in 1999.-“Artist’s Picture Perfect,”wrote The New Haven Register.
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