Peyton Peyton

Building 3 Floor 2
Peyton Peyton is currently based in New Haven, CT since graduating from Yale School of Art in 2020 with an MFA in sculpture. Peyton Peyton utilizes textiles processes, craft, and embodied movement to create garments, sculptures, object-based performance, and other time based media. She recently completed a fellowship at MASS MoCa’s studios residency program where she learned how to weave on a floor loom. Since then, weaving has become an integral part of her practice, as she overlays her studio practice with her studies in family constellations therapy, psychomagic, tarot, and plants. In March of 2022, Peyton Peyton presented her work at the Resonance Summit (An annual event of keynote speakers in the field of relational neuroscience) through the lens of resonant language, polyvagal theory, family systems therapy, and transgenerational trauma in an artist talk titled "On Becoming a Marsupial". When Peyton Peyton is not at erector square, she enjoys spending time in her waders, gardening, and roller skating.
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