Janet Warner

Erector Square
315 Peck St.
Building 2, No. J, 1st floor
I am an artist and educator based in the New Haven Connecticut area. I graduated with my MFA in 2017 from Western Connecticut State University. I am an Adjunct Professor of Studio Arts at Gateway Community College, Quinnipiac University, and Community College of Rhode Island. In 2017, was chosen to work as a draftsperson for the Sol LeWitt estate and have worked on several LeWitt’s wall drawings. I am a board member of New Haven Paint and Clay Club, one of the oldest art organizations in America. My art practice has changed dramatically from the landscape work I was doing, to a nonobjective exploration in color. I found myself slowly removing the representational component within my work and just focus on the raw exploration of color and color relationships. I no longer need subject matter to be the vehicle for my painting but rather let the color stand alone. I allow the process to dictate the color boundaries and color relationships within the paintings. Isolating my focus on color has broaden my relationship and understanding of color space. Losing the subject matter was not an easy step but once I did, I found myself within my work again.
  • Instagram: @janetmwarner
  • Website: janetmwarner.com