David Kuehler

Bldg. 2, 2nd Flr., Studio L
David Kuehler’s recent paintings explore allegories of masculinity through the lens of 20th century American film. Using vintage behind-the-scenes production stills, as both documentation and inspiration, he draws upon his own experiences as a stage and film actor to revisit, re-experience and respond to an industry that has influenced American beliefs and values. David’s works are suffused with memory and nostalgia. They are often narrative and sometimes emotional, inarticulate responses. Safflower oil, water and varnishes, combined with thinned oil paint disrupt character forms and create unexpected color dialogues. The buildup of large shapes and patterns makes way for unexpected relationships between color, line, and textures. Rather than encourage audiences to suspend disbelief, he asks them to see the world as it is under layers of constructed matter.
  • Instagram: @david._.kuehler
  • Website: davidkuehler.com