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New Haven Independent, “Pictures Meet Sound”

New Haven Independent 6/21/158; Slattery, Brian. Pictures Meet Sound 

“There’s a green box, flattened, framed, and hanging on the wall. Next to it is an enormous wad of crumpled yellow paper, also flattened and framed. Not far away, another flattened box has the word India printed on it.

What is the intention of the artist? How do I, who know little about visual art, begin to approach it?

From an audio speaker nearby, Laurie Anderson’s unlikely 1982 hit “O Superman” starts. And suddenly it’s as though some conceptual and emotional door has opened to Linda Lindroth’s art — whose works these are — and I walk through it.

“I Like the Sound of That,” the current exhibit at Artspace on Orange Street, where it runs through July 1, is unified by the idea of pairing six artists’ visual work — that of Delano Dunn, Peter Halley, Linda Lindroth, Lindsay Packer, Joseph Saccio, and Ian Trask — with soundtracks of the artists’ choosing that reflects the work environments in their studios, so that viewers hear a little bit what their studios sound like as they’re creating the art. On paper, this could sound gimmicky, or even manipulative (I have a special resentment for movie soundtracks that tell me how I’m supposed to feel at every moment). Instead, it’s both mesmerizing and thought-provoking, making for the most satisfying exhibit I’ve seen in town this year.”

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