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Meet the Artspace Team: Board Member Julie Bernblum

Julie Bernblum is an attorney and partner at the Real Estate firm of Bernblum and Bernblum, which is headquartered in downtown New Haven. She joined the Artspace Board in 2015.

What excites you about the evolution of Ninth Square and how is Artspace making a difference. What is Artspace’s role in the community?

I remember a time in which Ninth Square was a place of boarded up storefronts and crime. There has been an incredible transformation of the area due to development as well as businesses and organizations like Artspace moving in. Artspace serves to provide a platform for artists to have their work seen, their message heard, and a chance to reach their full potential. There really is no other place like it in the area.

What has been the most satisfying aspect of board service?

I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow board members as well as having the opportunity to interact with artists and listen as they discuss their creative process and the message that they try to convey through their work. I have also felt great accomplishment from being a member of planning committees for several events and seeing the vision for the event become reality.

Most enjoyable Artspace exhibition, program or event?

My favorite Artspace event thus far was the City-Wide Open Studios Preview Event. My interests and professional life center around real estate. I love getting the opportunity to see interesting buildings. It was a treat to get to see the Goffe Street Armory repurposed into an art studio. The building itself became a work of art.

You’re planning an evening out and about in downtown New Haven. What are your favorite spots and why?

New Haven is known as a “foodie” city. About a year ago, a friend and I compiled a list of every restaurant in New Haven that was of interest to us. We based our list upon both reputation and uniqueness. On a weekly basis, we choose a restaurant off of our list and have dinner together after work. Some of my favorites have been Mezcal, Skappo, and Caseus. Each of these places have both incredible food and a fun atmosphere.

How can a young lawyer make a difference in the New Haven community?

 Being a young attorney as well as a businesswoman with deep roots in New Haven, I have made many valuable connections in the community. I think that I can use these connections to bridge the gap between these two separate worlds to make positive accomplishments. I often collaborate with members of the City of New Haven to discuss new ideas to improve the areas in which I do business within the city. I also speak to high school students about what I have learned in my experiences about interviewing for jobs and dressing for success in an effort to prepare them for their future.