• Artworks should be approximately 5×8” in size and are in a range of artistic media including painting, drawing, photography, collage, and textile, among others. Some works are 3D or have 3D elements, unusual edges or items extending down or out from the surface. Unusual shapes will be noted in the medium description and should be visible in the image.
  • There are a total of 154 works for sale. Scroll using the arrow on the right of each page to move to the next page.
  • You will only learn the name of the artist after you have purchased the artwork, and that information will be sent to you by Artspace in an email.
  • You can purchase as many artworks as you like, at one time or in multiple purchases.
  • Items will become unavailable to other shoppers ONLY when your purchase is complete, so if you intend to purchase a large number of artworks, you may wish to make multiple smaller purchases to make sure you can purchase the artworks you select.
  • If you hold artworks in your shopping cart for a significant amount of time without purchasing them, they will still be available to other shoppers and may be purchased by someone else.
  • Artworks will disappear from the virtual “wall” after they are purchased, but this will not happen immediately. During busy sale times, you may see works that have already been purchased. You will be alerted that something has already sold after you click the “Buy” button. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.
  • Purchased artworks will be mailed to you after the sale, using the shipping address you provide during check out. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there may be a delay in mailing, but we will work to get you the artwork as quickly as possible.
  • The names of the artists who created the works you purchased will appear in your email receipt, sent to you directly after your purchase is completed. The receipt should appear in your email within a few minutes after your purchase.
  • When you pre-register, or as you are checking out, please include the email address that you check regularly, to ensure that you receive your receipt and other important information after you have completed your purchase.
  • Please be sure that you include the correct shipping address for the artwork, as it may be difficult for us to edit the shipping address after the purchase.
  • All artworks will be shipped, and the cost of shipping will automatically be added to each order. Please do not ask to pick up artworks in our office. This guideline is to help us keep COVID-19 safety precautions in place while also creating a streamlined post-event system to get everyone their artworks as quickly as possible.
  • The shipping cost for artworks is based on Priority Mail, which will allow us to track all the packages and ensure faster and safer delivery.
  • All sales are final. All artwork has been scanned and/or photographed in order to show the details as clearly as possible. Additional notes are added in the artwork description, such as unusual dimensions, shapes, or materials.
  • Please view and read carefully before purchasing to ensure you understand the size and medium of the work you are purchasing – we will not accept returns of artworks for any reason other than damage during shipping.

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