Though informed by natural occurrences, like daylight’s collapse into nighttime and variations in weather, the ways in which we understand time are intensely constructed. Thirty seconds in a minute. Sixty minutes in one hour. Twenty-four hours in a day. Three hundred and sixty-five days in a year. Ten years in a decade and so on. We frequently depend on machines like cell phones and clocks to be reminded of the hour. The passage of time can also be interpreted by counting tree trunk rings or witnessing changes in the environment.

This collection of work proposes an investigation into the realities associated with and affected by time. How do things add up? Where can things be taken from here? How can experiences and occurrences be applied futuristically? What defines the future?

HAND in rotation was curated by Kathleen Giordano, an intern who awaits her B.S. in Studio Arts with a Graphic Design Concentration.

Featured artists include Kevin Van Aelst, Cynthia Back, Claudia Cron, Phyllis Crowley, Alyse Rosner.

Each month we invite a member of the Artspace team to curate a collection of work.