Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Cut-out Paintings:

Eight years ago I started a series of still life paintings using paper cut-outs as the object of study. What interested me immediately was the duality inherent in the subject.

These are representational oil paintings and mixed media on paper that present the cut-outs as still life objects placed on minimally rendered surfaces. As the series has progressed the potential for a more subjective exploration has continuously played itself out. The house shapes are of particular interest to me because they create multiple worlds, hermetic yet simultaneously geocentric, even geomorphic, as their shapes reference urban/suburban dialogues or politics on one level, and literal tectonics on an altogether formal level; that multiple reference-switch that constantly turns on and off is essential. Some necessitate a journey of sorts, while others play off of a more kinetic energy of proximity. I like the fact that within milliseconds neighborhoods appear, conflicts emerge.