Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Hoopfest 2018

For the last 11 years I’ve taken pictures of the games and fans at a summer basketball tournament in Middletown, CT, Middletown Summer Hoopfest. My goal has been to record the drama, spirit, and grace played out in the games at “Hoopfest”. In 2010 the project was supported by a grant from the Middletown Commission on the Arts. I’ve enjoyed being a photographer for the Hoopfest tournament. Every summer the pictures get better, my whole experience of being there grows fuller. Certainly these basketball pictures have an historic value and hopefully some of them attain a poetic worth.

…This summer the level of competition was the highest it’s ever been, in all the brackets. There was a tension to the games this year that we hadn’t seen before, reflecting no doubt, things happening off the court. To all our long time friends and  supporters our heartfelt thanks. Someday soon we’ll have to hold a Middletown Summer Hoopfest banquet and share stories. To Referee Mike Jones and his co-ed team of basketball officials, with us from the start, always working hard; indeed, insisting on maintaining the integrity of the game …