Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

My paintings use letters, logos, and fonts as vehicles to investigate the relationship between the physical body and the digital world of information. I use the language of painting – color, texture, space, skin – as a ground from which to recast digital fragments from my everyday surroundings.

Logos are highly crafted visual manipulators- they are carefully designed to influence our opinions and desires, while escaping our conscious attention. They are significant markers of ownership and of corporate influence over our everyday lives, yet they remain concealed within the surface of the everyday. I am interested in pushing back against these toxic qualities of anonymity, invisibility, and control by using the specific surfaces, corporeality and sense of touch that are familiar to painting. The basic qualities of the branded logo are reversed: the minor image is made into a major subject, the immaterial logo is forced into the physical skin of paint, and the momentary flicker on a screen is frozen in the stillness of a painting.