Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

In recent collages I have spliced painted elements into rearranged interiors culled from vintage “Better Homes and Gardens” magazines. The abstract gestures of Expressionism are suggested within pristine spaces – Maverick furniture, incongruous curtains, and curtains of paint, in turn occupy and deny the picture-space. Perspective is made unstable and objects repeat themselves with a meta insistence. I feel that each room plays host to an unknowable source of disquiet.

Having spent a period of time introducing the painted gesture into small scale collage, I am now introducing collage principals into larger paintings. I am cutting and splicing the paintings themselves before reworking them. I am painting house plants and other domestic ephemera – overlaying the imagery by repainting and erasing the canvas many times. In this way I aim to achieve a tension between that which describes a space and that which reasserts the painted surface.