Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

My cityscapes, distilled from my urban environs, begin as thumbnails, either remembered or photographed, altered or fabricated. Sifting through these suggestions, I choose which to develop into finished work. A works on paper artist, my practice encompasses prints (aquatints, monotypes & linoleum cuts) and drawings (an amalgam of cut paper, repurposed prints, & various drawing media). Often working in series, a particular focus has been one of drawings started in 2001—“The 6×9 Series”—most are vertical; some are horizontal. While exploring the boundaries between representation and abstraction, I invent a nominal architecture evoking a spare, unpeopled world of daunting structures. Form and content engage in dialogue becoming each other’s referent, but the conversation ends in discomforting stillness. Images entice using strong composition and subtle color, tonality and texture, but their buildings and walls, bereft of ingress and egress exude alienation, isolation and loneliness.