Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Financial crisis! Economic meltdown! Faulty credit default swaps! Hedge fund pandemonium! Zombie banks! Sounds like art to me!

Long before our present fiscal dilemma, I was preoccupied by the world of numbers, money, credit and predatory transactions. I nursed a heroic case of “Math Anxiety” through most of my adult life and only through my art making actions have I come to terms with it. The culmination of this is “Math 4 Artists” and a killer credit score (820).

But there’s more: From collage pieces decoding the fine print on contracts to beaded simulacrum of our seductive plastic friends the credit card, through fabric panels parroting the vacuous sloganeering of corporate double speak, to filing my 2008 1040A in (not-so-frivolous) aesthetic form, I have been wrestling with all things monetary.

Its micro and macro economics for this bottom feeder, as our current financial plight has provided me with lots of raw material and subject matter.