Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

RASHMI means Ray of Light, a name that inspires me to see light all around me.  Just as light in nature constantly shifts, so also does my work change, from fiery abstracts celebrating untamed forces of nature to satirical cartoon strips on large canvases, to collages of photographic images of different parts of the world.

My work rests between two worlds: Bombay, India, where I was born, and America, where I currently reside. It reflects the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, seen through my experiences in a wide spectrum of surroundings, and every new painting is a revelation of my inner self.  My art is also based on a fascination with color, which borders almost on an obsession.  This aspect of painting has always dominated the very essence of my creations, allowing me to experiment with different mediums, themes and styles.

My photomontages speak about history, humanity, and our place in it.  They are amalgamations of reconstructed landscapes that illustrates cultural history and its decline as well as modern development.  I merge abstraction with realism, built with naturally formed environments.  The viewer must engage with the work or they will miss the details that reveal the optical play of visual depth, challenging perspectives and fictionalized worlds.  It is essential to stand back and maintain a necessary distance to understand how the work multiplies spatially to create a complete image.