Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

I started working in woodcut while doing a gut rehab of a little building. Making use of wood scraps from the dumpster, I hand printed on the plywood floor, constructing images out of multiple blocks and layers. To this day, I use only found lumber, employing the grain, scars and “defects” of the wood.  Through these variations in the wood’s surface, the reduction process and an experimental use of color, I strive to attain a painterly quality within the hard line of the woodcut medium.

My recent series, “bank owned” and “Homes for Under $50,000” are taken directly from real estate ads. All the houses depicted are for sale for under $50,000. The prints are portraits of houses, both alluring and cozy, melancholy and poor. In appropriating these real estate images, I stress the conflict between home as asset and commodity, and home as shelter essential to survival. This series grew out of the housing crisis.