Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by the unseen world that majority of humans will never see (space and the micro). I am also drawn to the science, technology and human ingenuity that has allowed us to get a glimpse to these worlds. These worlds exists but at the same time they seem as they do not; they are not perceived with our normal sense and the scales are so vast or so small that they seem unconceivable. My work are an amalgamation of these unperceptive worlds and contemporary imagery.

As with the building blocks of matter and life, I break down these forms down to the simplest forms and recontextualized to create new forms through the use of customized computer programs. This appropriation of imagery and the use of technology allows me to create the unimaginable and surprise of exploration that would not be readily accomplished through mere hand. Chance plays a large part in my work and through a collaborative process between technology and human the shapes loss their real-world connotations and the reconstruction furthers develop the intertextuality of the visual into a narrative.