Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

In this last year my drawings have evolved to include figures embedded in flexible environments of shapes and lines.  My desire to create fictional spaces, inhabited by meaningful imagery is processed alongside a strong motivation to explore abstract shapes and patterns as well as the subtle meaning of physical materials.  I’m interested in the visual elasticity of these images where groups of common elements emerge and recede based on shifting points of focus.
Drawing these characters in loose environments, where potential action and narrative seem always present, I recall my fondness for children’s book illustration.
The figure prominently occupies the foreground in each image; often crouching or bending in order to fit the constraints of the page.  The simplicity of the line, which describes both the figures and their surroundings, puts a focus on elemental visual qualities in the midst of a clearly representational picture.  The images appear dense with simple shapes and divisions of space.  These drawings are made without erasing or revision.  Every mark and decision remains a visible part of the final drawing.