Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

A Few of My Favorite Things
collage and watercolor 2015-16

There are 2 primary impulses in this work.
The current state of the material world and its graphic presence in daily life is one of them. This is present in the form of collage elements made from the packaging of products I use. They are remade but maintain much of their intended visual impact.

The other impulse is the internal sense of self that does not depend on the material world. For myself this comes from a life-long involvement with sacred principals.
How do these two things coexist? Do they merge or just continually grind against each other. Each has its visual seduction. Does that impact, activate or speak to a unique part of our/my consciousness?

They are intimate in scale and part of a larger series.This is important as the collection refers to an ongoing contemplation and involvement, and one with endless variants. There is desire, excitement, conviction and doubt.

I became a research fellow at the Getty in Malibu, CA where original letters were as beautiful as artworks. Reading early American history I came across the machine of Thomas Jefferson. He wrote his letters in duplicate on his polygraph. A version easier to use than the original was designed and built for me by John Biggs. Writing has become an act of drawing. I now write and draw in duplicate. I do performances where the audience performs text. I make improvisational writings and drawings to their readings. Many observe. The reader takes one of the drawings and I keep the other.