Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

My Flatfile selections offer a small collection of my recent drawings and prints relating to larger projects going on in my studio. There are two sets of ideas here- a series of hand tinted prints (crushed “‘branes”- short for membranes) and a series of free-hand drawings done in colored pencil.

Both groups address my ongoing interest in the dimensional shifts from flat to three dimensional and back again and how this can be graphically represented. I make images that are not pictures per-se but more like maps or schematics. These works are evidence of my ongoing interest in geometry, dimensions and planes, the formation of robust structural systems and charting the territories of complex surfaces. Both evoke natural objects and both have a lack of scale- they could be very tiny or very huge.

For the prints: The flattened “ ’branes” have evolved from an ongoing series of three- dimensional drawings I have been working on, using ideas from physics and math- see below for more on that. They are essentially crushed paper sculptures. Recently I began further pressing these objects in a book press, then inking them up and then running it through an etching press- thereby making a print of an image of a piece of paper, imprinted on a flat piece of paper itself. It’s a visual game that renders a complex-but-minimal result. I then hand-color the prints- which often have embossing from the original pressing and have a clear relationship to photography in its simplest forms like photograms and x-rays. Each work is a unique original, although I can ink and press the same crumpled work for multiple printings, meaning that both sides can be used and even appears together on the same print.

For the drawings: the process is direct: I take several pencils and draw with them together which gives me similar, parallel lines and creates a kind of 3-d effect and sense of movement. The images are of structures forming and accreting, twinned trajectories that echo the coupled photons of quantum entanglement or perhaps the way our sight process of two eyes working in tandem across the space of the page to see the marked image. A line is a dot pulled, dragged, “drawn” across the space of the page, leaving the line as a remnant of that passage.