Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

The “Transitory Space” series is a response to urban locations and to the environment, which are continually transforming into new forms. In everyone and in everything there is flux and an awareness of this kind of space and energy. The “Transitory Space” series makes this flux evident in the photographic image, which is inherently a media that captures a movement through time.

Transitory spaces have a messy human energy that is always in the present yet constantly changing, I find them to be endlessly interesting, alive places where there is a great deal of beauty and fragility. They are temporary monuments to the ephemeral nature of existence.

More about the “Transitory Space” series….

Humans leave traces and artifacts of our consciousness everywhere in our environment.  Contradictory realities can be found co-existing wherever we look.  They’re in what we choose to think; what we choose to believe; and, how we choose to act.  And, they can be found in what we choose to observe.

When I look back on a moment it’s full of impressions and multiple exposures capture this. I make multiple exposures on specific frames in camera which allows me to display a more complete correlation of experiences that a single exposure just misses.

Every moment captured on film is over as soon as the shutter clicks, recording the ephemeral.  Yet, in reality, there is always a visual cacophony of experience.   We are always living in many realities at once.  Multiple exposures express the way we experience the world more accurately.

Time is layered and not frozen into one single moment.  Photography is directly connected to time as the camera shoots in fractions of a second.  Time is always slipping and fracturing from the present, past and future.  We are often living in all these levels at once.  But when we’re not, we experience flow—or an absence of time.  Multiple exposures are close to the experience of “flow.”  When I look at a moment in time I “feel” more than can be recorded with a simple click of the shutter. I use multiple exposures on film to record a more accurate picture of how we can recall time transpiring.