Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

The images of mine that I value most partake of realism and surrealism, expressionism and abstraction. I want my photographs to manifest the fact that we don’t live among separate, multiple worlds – a physical world, a dream world, a political world, a spiritual world – but in one that contains all of these and other dimensions.

It is vibrant, indefinable life that I work to stir in the viewer: unsettling, sensuous, melancholic, intimate, mystical. The closest counterparts to my photographs’ aims might be found in poems by Blake, Dickinson, and Transtromer; music by Scriabin, Messiaen, Takemitsu; visual art by Goya and Beckmann as well as by Kertesz, Weston, Brandt and Frank. I seek what Ernst Haas called “the poetic element.”

I want the print to draw the viewer into the image. But once that happens, I want the viewer to feel that beyond that first room there’s still some further mystery, further reality, its sky expanding behind the frame.