Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist focusing on video, sculpture, storytelling, and installation working within communities and drawing from the history of a place and local traditions. I recall personal stories that are transformed into abstract narratives used to explore my identity as a multicultural, biracial Asian American woman, continually discovering the negotiation of belonging. The use of distance within my work explores experiences of assimilation. By slowing down, reversing, and manipulating time I attempt to make viewers aware of their distance from my work; creating a tension they can both see and feel. This distance is both actual and psychological from the viewer to the subjects in the videos, and the artwork to space they are placed within. Each visual and conceptual layer creates another aspect of the story I am telling within my work. Within my work I utilize abstract oral stories in a way that uses digital media as a tool embedding layers of text and abstract contextual imagery connecting bodies of work. The use of multimedia is my language expressing how I visualizes these stories in the everyday. How the mundane can be made mythical, encouraging play and embracing Otherness. I create wearable sculptural pieces called video relics, activated by constructed ritual based actions that reflect aspects of performance that become artifacts of a moment. The actions create happenings that are then recorded. Each piece is a complex multi-layer mix of a place, memory, and conjuring of a constructed past.