Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Each unit is formed always starting with the same ingredients, a single sheet of a set number of the same stickers. For one series, for example,150 small circular stickers in 5 colors, with 30 stickers of each color. The other series units are built from a single sheet of colored rainbow cloud shaped stickers. The works have been adhered to painted paper and signed.

With these same circular set of players– what can they become? How can they be seen new? How close to same can they be and still be different? Daily I practiced forming new aggregates with these same pieces, ever surprised by the array of different results- nearing infinite and getting closer.

Overlapping these circular units in different configurations, obscuring and, mixing these basic colors, building symmetries and appendages and movements through different experiments and improvised rules these creatures’ figures form.

The title for the “From a Pool…” series is in reference to Jorge Luis Borges’ story “The Garden of Forking Paths,” which explores the notion of infinite time. I explore this concept through my practice of open-ended and repeated improvisations in these tight material constraints.

The works printed within are a small sampling of a seemingly endless collection, ever forming. I began this process of piling stickers in 2009, and first showed a small group of these “pool” pieces as part of an installation in Kyoto in 2010.