Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

I am a painter and I am a gatherer. My work explores the system of creating pictorial space with paint, and the breakdown of this system through material experimentation.  My process is tactile. I start many pieces at once, work on them simultaneously and finish at staggered points. I begin some in the dark. Others I make sitting on the floor, rotating the canvas and myself. I use paint, adhesives and drawing media on traditional and non-traditional surfaces including plaster, fabric, paper and previously-used canvases.

The sources and objects I use speak to the dilemma of being a human body in an increasingly digital world, and more specifically a female body. My paintings become palimpsests: fundamentally layered objects, constructed from incompatible materials of diverse sources. I am fascinated by the possibility for opposing qualities to coexist in a single space or system: synthetic and natural, contemporary and historic, opaque and luminous. My practice is based on consciously shifting my reference points, or allowing them to shift around me: light, weather, time and space. Meanwhile, the object’s internal structure acts in ways I may never understand. I oscillate between the rigor of my own intentionality for an object and its inevitable collapse under material forces beyond me.