Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Suspended Disbelief

My daily walks become encounters in an outdoor museum through which I reimagine the familiar. Shrubberies take on shapes that require us to suspend our disbelief in how they grow. They are recorded moments of small wonders that we often overlook. The initial intent of this project was to photograph nature so as to erase any sense of scale. By framing the upper edges of a shrub, removed from its context save for the sky, no reference of dimension remained. But as I reviewed the images, I recognized a further refinement that was latent in them. Pairs of images came together, literally and figuratively, to create entirely new forms. What initially appeared to be objects and their reflections, were revealed as a paradox which could only exist in the image itself, some of them simply floating in space. The familiar and ordinary worlds had now been reinvented to demand a suspension of disbelief from its viewers.

Homage to Durer

It started with an innocent image. A photo of a hosta plant was sent to me by a friend. I responded to the image by telling him that I did not like hosta plants. They grew like weeds around my house, and every time I dug a plant up to give to someone, it seemed like another two plants grew in its place. More hostas than I knew what to do with.

The friend then drew my attention to Albrecht Durer’s watercolor, “The Great Piece of Turf.” It is quite lovely. It was also surprise because the first images that formed in my mind about Durer’s work are his woodcuts which are black and white.

So with Durer’s woodcuts and watercolors in mind, I paid closer attention to the vegetation around me, incorporating shrubbery and trees, and translating the world into black and white images.

The series numbers over 100 images.