Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Q: Is your art funny?

A: If you think it is funny, then yes. But if you don’t think it is
funny then it is about the futility of existence. I don’t necessarily
make art that is funny; It’s more that I’m inspired by things that are
funny, or awkward, or both.

Q: When viewing your work, one gets the sense that they’ve seen the
imagery somewhere before? Can you explain that?

A: I draw on and appropriate various forms of popular media—plastic
toys from the discount bin, blockbuster movies made during my
formative years, magazines with pictures of food, bad airbrushed
pornography. I’m especially drawn to the phenomenon of crudely crafted
assemblages found on amateur websites, blogs and Youtube. These
videos and images are often themselves appropriations of visual and
popular culture. My work is, in a way, yet another installment in a
series of deferred meaning…or meaninglessness.

I am a printmaker and new media artist who uses a variety of mediums to convey a variety of messages. My work utilizes appropriated images and objects relating to art history, popular media and consumer culture to create rough-hewn assemblages.  This collage sensibility reflects temporary solutions and failed ambitions within a culture saturated with irony and perpetual innuendo.

My practice as a new media artist addresses artifice, awkward transitions, humor, gender and media representation through video, installation and performance.  As a printmaker I use a variety of traditional and experimental techniques to address formal and conceptual topics pertaining to illusion, construction, failure and nostalgia.  Ultimately, I am studio artist compelled to create images that locate an ambiguous degree of resolution through applied awareness of content and form.